Wednesday 28 March 2018

Hot Cross Bun Happiness!

Cooking and Gardening
Room 21

Room 21 had a fabulous time in the kitchen today!  With Easter coming up, what better treat could we make than HOT CROSS BUNS!!!

Coralie was checking out the hot cross buns while they were baking in the oven.  They smelt delicious!

After we had baked them and glazed them, it was time for the taste test!  Naera did a pretty good job of marking the crosses on the top of each bun.

We loved the hot cross buns!  Easy to make and very tasty to eat!

Maybe you could try making some at home over the Easter break?  

Saturday 17 March 2018

R18's Assembly Video

Here is a video from R18's assembly. 
We were inspired by Kid Presidents '20 Things We Should Say More Often'. 
This is our own Dawson edition. 
We hope you enjoy!

Wednesday 14 March 2018

ASB - Get wise

Today Marlon from ASB came to talk to us about setting goals.
We wrote a CASH goal and created a plan.

Please ask about our CASH plans and see what our goals are.

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Cooking and Gardening

Salad, gnocchi and muffins

This week we have made a wonderful garden salad with mint, parsley and toasted seeds, gnocchi and a yummy banana and apple muffin.
Thank you to our wonderful cooking and gardening teacher Lesley.

Monday 5 March 2018

Friday Sport Room 17

Year 5 & 6 Friday Sport

Every Friday from 11.15 to 12.30 the Senior school gathers for team sports. It's a great chance to practise for tournament, learn new games and develop new skills. 
Please help us to remember our hats, a drink bottle and sunscreen. 
It's loads of fun.

Sunday 4 March 2018

Room 20 Karakia

Room 20 really enjoyed the visit from Matua Waata on Friday. Watch our video and you will see Matua Waata teaching us Karakia.


In this video Matua is teaching us E Toru Nga Mea.  This is a popular himene or Maori hym. 

E Toru Ngā Mea  is a popular hīmene or Māori hymn.
E Toru Ngā Mea LYRICS
E toru ngā mea
(There are three things)
Ngā mea nui
(Very important things)
E kī ana
(As stated in)
Te Paipera
(The Bible)
Ko te mea nui
(And the greatest thing)
Ko te aroha.
(Charity/ Love)

Saturday 3 March 2018

Room 16's First Maori Language Lesson

Matua Waata came to our classroom on Friday to take our first Maori language lesson.  We sang some waiata, learnt how to greet each other and played some games.

Nga Tai
Matua Waata called our a body part and we had to put that body part on a colour in the classroom.  For example Turi on Ma - knee on something white...

Check out our photos!